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This is the journal for the All-Star Mary Sue Challenge.

All fandoms are welcomed.

Once upon a time in fandom people wrote fics with girls in them. They did it for fun, they did it because it was hot, and they did it because they wanted to do bad things to Adrian Paul. (Or David Boreanaz or Justin Timberlake or Callum Keith Rennie, or... you get the idea.) And this was alright, it was accepted. And then...
Mary Sue became a dirty word. People no longer wrote "original female characters", they wrote "Mary Sues". She weren't an interpretation of a female canon character, it was a Mary Sue. Somewhere, down the line, every female character written in a fic was getting smacked down as a Mary Sue, and I'm not sure we'll ever know why. I know we've all since lost our fandom handbook, but I'll bet if we could find it somewhere, and looked up the actual definitition of "Mary Sue" it would be something like this: Princess Ravena Tessalondo of the Winged Elven Peoples, Betrothed of the Evil King Mukroka, Beloved of Prince Dean of the Winchester Clan, Attended by Her Faithful Jaguar, Spot. [TM winterlive]

It's time to take back our OFCs.

This challenge is for getting back to the roots of fanfic writing. Back when we wrote solely for our own entertainment and gratification. We're asking for you to write what you want with who you want, how you want. Write it for yourselves, about yourselves, for your friends, about your friends, however you want it. Bring the RPF (or RPS as your case may be), bring your FPF, bring the porn, bring the hot, bring the cheese (if need be). Just leave your embarrassment at the door. We're all friends here. (Which needless to say, means absolutely no mocking or flaming allowed in the comments.)

Posts will be made by the mod. (maidazia)

If you'd like to volunteer your beta services for Challenge #1, comment here.

If you'd like your fic posted for Challenge #1, comment here.

Fics may be posted one of three ways:
+ Comment with a link to the fic posted in your journal. A seperate post will be made by the mod linking to your post.
+ Email the fic to the mod (hello.marysue @ gmail.com) and it will be posted to hello_marysue in it's own post. (all emailed fics must be formatted as you wish it to appear in the post.)
+ Posted anonymously. See below.

If you'd like to have your fic posted anonymously, email the mod @ hello.marysue @ gmail.com

This will be a rolling challenge. There will be deadlines, but fics will be posted as they are received.